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Shipping Information

Hofmeister Custom Shop is a licensed federal firearms dealer holding a current Federal Firearms License (FFL).

It is legal for any gunowner to ship rifles, shotguns, and handguns directly to HCS via UPS, Federal Express, USPS or any other private carrier. We personally recommend and use UPS. Note: shipment of handguns requires an adult signature and must be sent next day air.

Shipping companies require firearms to be double packed with both an inner carton (i.e., a gun case) and an outer carton (the shipping box). We recommend you pack your firearm securely and insure the shipment for its replacement value.

All firearms received by HCS must be shipped back to the same person at the same address, or the item must be shipped to a specified FFL dealer.

Note: All firearms shipped from HCS will be shipped via UPS and insured appropriately.

Please contact Hofmeister Custom Shop for more information

Liability Disclaimer

All firearms are shipped at your own risk. Hofmeister Custom Shop is not liable for the loss or damage of your firearm through circumstances outside of our control. We will always inspect any shipment immediately and provide an email response (as long as an email has been provided) that your shipment has arrived and is in good condition.

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