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Selecting a custom handgun action

The Bolt Action Pistol

Is by far the most common of our custom pistols for long range hunting especially where a large and powerful cartridge is required. The strength and inherent accuracy of the action is of great importance to us as custom gun builders.

The Remington XP 100 is the original and a good place to start, as so much of the pistol is already provided. The discontinuation of the XP brought about the use of some of the excellent after market custom actions. Customers desiring a "more custom" pistol that of the everyday custom XP brought the Sako actions to the front of the list. Here at HCS we retain the "Center Grip" XP style handgun because of its ease and shootability. The Center Grip style has the weight balanced over the wrist and makes the pistol pointable offhand. A large handgun such as this is rarely shot offhand but as you know in the hunting world rarely can mean anytime.

With the discontinuation of the original Center Grip XP driving the price of the pistols up to a premium, the use of alternate and or custom actions has become more prevalent. Retaining the Center Grip with the nontraditional pistol actions created a need for a center grip trigger assembly. Here at HCS we manufacture a Center Grip trigger assembly for the Sako action we use in our pistols. "Rifle Basics" builds a trigger assembly but does not sell the forward linkage for the Center Grip style trigger. "Ken Light Manufacturing" manufactures a 3 lever 3-6oz. and up, trigger assembly for the Center Grip XP, HS Precision and Wichita actions along with linkage.

Custom Actions

For the most part the actions we are looking at are of the ridged single shot variety. The choice really lies in what you are looking for in your handgun. Size, weight and the cartridge to be used are the first things that need to be addressed. Call or email and we can discuss the best options available to meet your shooting situations.

If you are looking for a super accurate Varminter, then a ridged single shot benchrest action is the best choice. The Nesika bay is excellent, as is the price, same for the Stolle action by Kelby's. The Hall action is also very good.

We can build you a Custom pistol on any of the top quality actions on the market.

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